October 12, 2008

Restaurant - Leaf Cuisine

Leaf Cuisine is my newest obsession. It's a great little restaurant that serves salads, wraps, soups and all sorts of smoothies and specialty drinks. They have locations in Culver City, Sherman Oaks and Redondo Beach and some of their items are also available at local Whole Foods Markets. I have to say that they have excellent food! To be fair, I have not tried EVERYTHING on the menu, but so far I am a huge fan of their smoothies, breakfast items and wraps. Yes, it is a raw food restaurant, but you don’t have to be a “raw foodie” to enjoy their food. Trust me – I do not adhere to a raw food diet and I would eat at Leaf any day of the week! Their smoothies are fabulous – I highly recommend the Tropical Trip. The Cinnamon Buns and the Oraweo Mousse are both heavenly – you would never know that they do not contain gluten or sugar. The best part? They use only organic, natural, whole foods – no refined sugars or factory produced ingredients here! They are also very careful to indicate which menu items contain gluten. Anything that contains gluten is clearly marked with a “G” next to it. Healthy food that is gluten free and tastes good? Now that’s a perfect combination!

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